About Us

Fun World Tours is a vacation services and nightlife specialist based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. We offer a professional service and through our expert local knowledge we aim to provide a unique and exciting vacation experience. Our two co-founders have over ten years international experience.

We appreciate tourists can experience challenges when visiting a new city or country . Language and culture is often different from our own. With this in mind, from the first moment customers contact Fun World to the end of their vacation and beyond a professional representative will always be available to assist. We strive to treat our customers like we would our friends or family visiting Brazil and no matter what package our customers choose we always intend to deliver a professional, warm and courteous service.

Brazil offers some of the Worlds must see spectacular attractions and our staff will be available to assist with these bookings. Fun Wold Tours are also specialists in guided tours and nightlife events that provide our customers with a unique “local” experience away from the usual tourist circuits. Our guides have extensive local knowledge enabling a safe, exclusive and exciting vacation.

Throughout your stay in Brazil our staff be available 24/7 in case of emergency or any other help required.

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Sales Specialist, Travel Agent – Loves to party and loves to visit a place he has never been at least once a month.



Travel Agent, Local Specialist

Morgana’s passion for travel has lead her to explore many countries. She takes pleasure in encouraging others to do the same by transforming her travel experiences into detailed itineraries and sharing them with friends and travel groups on her spare time. She also likes to brag about how she can always find the cheapest flights possible using her researching skills!



Designer Specialist, Travel Agent – Transforms ideas into reality and fix our problems. He loves what he does.

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Night Host

Meet Melisa, argentinian by birth but a carioca soul. She has been working in the tourism business for almost 10 years now. She also worked in a hostel as a manager for more than 5 years and currently working as a Tour Operator and night host. She worked for the Brazil World Cup in 2014 and at the Olympic Games in 2016 for a famous sponsor. Great times! She enjoys hanging out at the Beach, going out to different places around the city and a good drink ? Melissa is in love with Rio de Janeiro, its Carnival and her passion: Samba rythms ❤ Party in Rio will always be an adventure with Melissa as your guide!!